An International région in the heart of vast projects

Invest today in the Euro-Suiss territory of tomorrow
Natural assets



L'International obviously in a prominent position
Positionned as a link between Switzerland, Italy end Rhon-Alps région and then the whole Europe.

Strategic location in the heart of vast plans of regionnal developement and physical planning : TGV ( the high speed train) Paris-Geneva, main roads end highways in the Alps région.
The world to your door : Geneva international airport is only 15 minutes away, and direct access to crossroads of highways.
A cosmopolitism shared with Geneva.
The Future programmed
The Archamps 3 parks    The Park of Cervonnex
More than 50 hectares in this régional international business park with already 100 000 m² built and 20 hectares in expansion. 45 hectares available at the meeting point of highways for large-scale establishments
The "Biopark"
Scientific French-Suiss link dedicated to biotechnologies.

The Academic Center of Education and Research
lots of opportunities of exchanges and shared realisations for the big Universities in Swiss Romand en Rhone-Alps region, that welcome worlwide students to access en international education.

The Geneva's Southern Gateway is already the bitrh place of synergies and european cooperations with Geneva : receptions and welcome of corporations and  companies, international eductations, reserches and exchanges in everyday basis.
This dynamism and the existing land opportunities place this territory in the heart of large projects in the Alps région.

A new territory, a brand new site to be successfull in the Euro-Suiss space of the future.

Abundance of projects, the answer to an inescapable growth
The new district of Geneva and its suburbs

The center of gravity of Geneva is spreading out to the South : "la Praille", Plan les Ouates" and "the Geneva's Southern Gateway"...
Let's combin our assets to a better life for the future.

Variety of dwellings : 
large planning of housing conditions to reply to the demographic growth.
An international High-School
education and teaching suitable to welcome, train, develop and form student to the right level of worlwide youth.

TRAMWAY : mission 2006
The heart of the city moving to the rythme of the expansion of its territories and populations.

Convention Center
An assembly dedicated to corporations and scientists. A conventional environment to welcome conferences, seminars and professional exhibitions and shows.

High bandwith network
A territory "in track" with the lattest technologies for international communications

The Geneva's Southern Gateway : it's the way of living in the Euro-Suiss terrirory.
A great opportunity to invest in an amazing region
 combining quality of life, work ans activity, research,
exchanges and communications : the logical future

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